We're proud to announce a special double premiere coming up: Lance Henriksen recently shot his first movie in Germany and at the same time it is his first movie that will be presented in 3D.

The movie we are talking about is called Sin Reaper 3D and it is an independent horror movie shot in English on various locations in Germany. The director (Sebastian Bartolitius) and the producers (Nico Sentner, Matthias Haag) of Sin Reaper 3D look forward to exciting Lance Henriksen- and 3D fans and scaring the living daylight out of slasher fans worldwide.
Sin Reaper is a production of Generation X Group® GmbH, Fairground Media, Urwerk Filmproduktion and SilverScreen Associates GmbH.

Young Samantha Parker (Helen Mutch) has been tortured by nightmarish visions for years. With the help of Dr. Hoffmann (Lance Henriksen) she faces her unknown past by taking his advice and traveling to Germany. Having been adopted in the U.S. as a baby she decides to seek out the true roots of her ancestral past. Her journey leads to Wallenhausen, a former German convent. Her break-in to the convent at night becomes a fight for live and death as a masked monk starts the merciless killings of her companions one after another. Finally the secret of her past reveals itself and she has to face ... the Sin Reaper.

Apart from Lance Henriksen the movies stars young British actress Helen Mutch as Samantha, Japanese Model/Actress Hazuki Kato, the British actor Andrew James and from Germany Paulina Bachmann, Wolfgang Riehm, Nicolai Tegler, Nico Sentner, Alexander Kiersch, and Hanno Friedrich. Also co-starring are Adrian Rolf Tauss from Switzerland and German-American Patrick J. Thomas (Burn Notice). Henriksen plays Dr. Hoffmann, Samantha's therapist and fatherly friend who tries to make sense of her nightmares.

Lance Henriksen himself said on his official facebook-page after he got back to the USA: "I just got back from Germany, doing "Sin Reaper"...i had alot of fun workin with some young german filmmakers..they treated me like a king...i was humbled..."

Sin Reaper 3D is scheduled to be released in 2012. We will let you know as soon as we have further details. Also coming soon at www.Lance-Henriksen.de there will be a lot of great stuff about the movie such as a set-report, trailer, artwork and interviews with the people behind the scene of Sin Reaper as we had the chance to be on set while Lance Henriksen was shooting.

We want to thank the dedicated cast and crew of Sin Reaper 3D especially producer Nico Sentner and director Sebastian Bartolitius.